Flowers Between $ 152 and 250

Cuddlng Teddy Buy Now

Cuddlng Teddy

$ 155.00 / KWD 50.00
Send Exclusive Teddy 8-12 Inch and Mixed Flowers Arranged in basket - Send this gift to your loved ones and surprise them .
Cherry For A Girl Buy Now

Cherry For A Girl

$ 155.00 / KWD 50.00
Bunch of 10 White Roses and 4 stems of Pink Lilies with fillers and leaves , 12 Inches Teddy Bear and 3 Pink Balloon
Affection Buy Now


$ 155.00 / KWD 50.00
A wonderful and exuberant arrangement of Blue Hydrangea , Pink & Purple Roses & Mixed White Flowers. Presented in a curved glass vase and sure to cause a sensation.
Wise laugh Buy Now

Wise laugh

$ 157.00 / KWD 50.00
Coral and ruby carnations charm bouquet the white daisy spray chrysanthemums while red roses exchange a silent, wise laugh. This enchanting arrangement is accented with lush greenery.
Amazing Pink.. Buy Now

Amazing Pink..

$ 158.00 / KWD 50.00
Birthdays, anniversaries, first dates--any special occasion becomes a spectacular event with a gift of 30 stems of premium long-stem pink roses. Great gifts for expressing admiration, appreciation and romance, a hand-designed bouquet of long-stem pink roses are perfect for your true love, new love, best friend or close family member.
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Elegant Sweetheart Buy Now

Elegant Sweetheart

$ 158.00 / KWD 50.00
Show your sweetheart, how much you love and care for him/her. Gift them this super romantic combo consisting of a heart shaped arrangement of 24 lovely Pink Roses along
Silent Love Buy Now

Silent Love

$ 158.00 / KWD 50.00
A classic expression of affection! The simplicity of Red and Pink Roses is the perfect way of expressing everlasting Love.
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Touch and Express Buy Now

Touch and Express

$ 158.00 / KWD 50.00
If you're crazy about someone and not afraid to show it, this bright jewel-toned arrangement is the perfect way to express your love.
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Thinking About You! Buy Now

Thinking About You!

$ 158.00 / KWD 51.00
Sure, you can call them up to say hello, but wouldn't it be more exciting to surprise them with this Pleasantly Pink bouquet of gorgeous carnations, lilies, roses, and more instead? Of course it would--and you don't even need a reason--send it "just because I was thinking about you!"
Charming Baby Buy Now

Charming Baby

$ 159.00 / KWD 51.00
10 Stems of Pink Lilies , 12 Inch pink Teddy Bear and 3 Pink Latex Balloon
Flowers, Chocolates and Balloons Buy Now

Flowers, Chocolates and Balloons

$ 159.00 / KWD 51.00
Bunch of Mixed Flowers , 16 Pc Ferrero Rocher Box & 5 Balloons
Ultra-Feminine Bouquet Buy Now

Ultra-Feminine Bouquet

$ 159.00 / KWD 51.00
For her birthday, choose this ultra-feminine bouquet that is bursting with summer freshness. This pretty selection in shades of soft pink and white features beautifully fragrant to give it a springtime twist.
Pleasent Lilies Buy Now

Pleasent Lilies

$ 160.00 / KWD 51.00
12 (Flowers) Pink Lilies & 6 Pink Roses in a vase , with 12 Inches Teddy Bear and Its A Girl Balloon
Romantic Combo Buy Now

Romantic Combo

$ 160.00 / KWD 51.00
Want to impress someone? This classic combo of pretty roses and adorable teddy bear will convey your feelings for her in the most romantic manner and make your bond stronger. Order it online to delight the heart of your beloved and make her yours forever. Bunch of of 24 Red and Pink roses and Medium size Brown teddy bear
Passionate Love Buy Now

Passionate Love

$ 161.00 / KWD 51.00
Roses for a very long time have appreciated the honor of being the most prevalent blossoms on the planet. The explanation behind prominence of the rose blossom may be its wide mixture regarding shading, size, scent and different properties. When you combine roses with chocolates , then it becomes the deadly combination . Bunch of 20 White roses with 250 gms Patchi Chocolate
Capture the Beauty Buy Now

Capture the Beauty

$ 162.00 / KWD 52.00
Capture the beauty of true love with this magnificent bouquet, presented in our awe-inspiring, limited-edition art glass vase. Flirtatious pink lilies, romantic red roses and other delicate blooms create a surprise she'll always remember.
Warm Pink Buy Now

Warm Pink

$ 163.00 / KWD 52.00
Bunch of 20 Pink Roses , 12 Inch Teddy Bear and 3 pink balloons
Magnificent Buy Now


$ 163.00 / KWD 52.00
Theres just one word we can think of to describe this bouquet: magnificent! Hot pink long-stem roses are gathered with soft pink Asiatic lilies for a delightful combination of color. Send one for a birthday, an anniversary or just because, and watch someone you love blush with delight.
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Honorable Purple Buy Now

Honorable Purple

$ 163.00 / KWD 52.00
Create harmony and peace in honor of the bond you share. This unique and fashionable bouquet bursts with our finest blooms. Brilliant violet Mokara Orchids are the perfect pairing to our lavender Roses brought together in a vase to express your heart's every wish.
Exotic Purple Orchids Buy Now

Exotic Purple Orchids

$ 163.00 / KWD 52.00
Make their day glamorous and elegant--send an exotic surprise their way with this truly original bouquet of long-lasting, deep purple Dendrobium orchids.