Cake, chocolates and flowers sent online in Kuwait are an amazing combination

The trio of flowers, cake and chocolates make up an awesome combination that can be sent through on all special occasions of your precious adored ones. Premium quality chocolates, soft textured cakes that melt in the mouth and gorgeous flowers delivered online in Kuwait leave the receiver stunned with amazement. When the glorious flowers reach the doorsteps of the receiver he beholds them with awe, when he realises that a mouth-watering cake is also in tow he remarks them as awesome, but when the chocolates are also made visible with the cake and flowers he is awe-stricken.Like the combo of flowers, cake and chocolates are a special one it should be sent only to your very special associates on their special occasions. As you are sending mesmerising flowers online in Kuwait with gourmet chocolates and a premium quality cake, the price of the combo is bound to be a little on the higher end. But where love and care are associated money does not matter. Still, if you have some budget constraints you can ask for assistance from our help desk. Our team will suggest to you some enthralling low-cost bouquets that you can send with a few units of chocolates and a small cake to make your order cost-effective and as per your budget.

Eternal Birthday Buy Now

Eternal Birthday

$ 429.00 / KWD 137.00
Bunch of 60 (Flowers) White Lilies with 250 gms Patchi Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Love Special Buy Now

Love Special

$ 362.00 / KWD 116.00
Bunch of 40 White and 1 Red Roses , with 250 gms Patchi Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Sunny Birthday Special Buy Now

Sunny Birthday Special

$ 313.00 / KWD 100.00
Bunch of 36 Yellow Roses with greens with 1 Kg Chocolate Cake , 3 Latex Balloon and 130gms Choco Chocolate
Heavenly Flowers Buy Now

Heavenly Flowers

$ 299.00 / KWD 96.00
Genuine lilies fit in with the family Lilium and develop from stout, layered globules. They are heavenly blooms that summon consideration wherever they are planted. Lily blossoms are esteemed for their extremely pompous, frequently fragrant blooms and when combined with roses and chocolates , nobody dare to ignore it as that would be the best choice to impress some one . Round basket arrangement of 4 stems of pink lilies , 14 Pink Roses , 6 peach roses , 6 white roses and 2 stems of White chrysanthemums with lots of greens and gypsophillia with 16 pcs Ferrro Rocher Chocolate and 1 Kg Cake
Passionate Pink Combo Buy Now

Passionate Pink Combo

$ 256.00 / KWD 82.00
Bunch of 15 (Flowers) Pink Lilies , 12 Pink Rose with 250 gms Of Choco Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Bright N Beautiful Combo Buy Now

Bright N Beautiful Combo

$ 248.00 / KWD 79.00
Bunch of 20 Mixed Gerbera with 1 Kg chocolate Cake , 250 gms Patchi chocolate and 3 Latex balloon
Surprise Birthday Gift Buy Now

Surprise Birthday Gift

$ 238.00 / KWD 76.00
Bunch of 15 Red Roses with 250 gms Patchi Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Everlasting Pink Buy Now

Everlasting Pink

$ 234.00 / KWD 75.00
The charm of the pink color is eternal and everlasting, just like the love you share with your beloved. Make your special someone's day amazing and joyous by sending this special bunch of pink roses wrapped brown paper with 1 Kg Cake and 250 gms Patchi Chocolate
Class Apart Buy Now

Class Apart

$ 231.00 / KWD 74.00
Want to impress someone This classic combo of pretty roses, cake and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate will convey your feelings for her in the most romantic manner and make your bond stronger. Order it online to delight the heart of your beloved and make her yours forever.
Mixed Roses Birthday Combo Buy Now

Mixed Roses Birthday Combo

$ 226.00 / KWD 72.00
Bunch of 20 stems of Mixed Colour Roses with 250 gms Patchi chocolate , 1 kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Explanation Flowers Buy Now

Explanation Flowers

$ 212.00 / KWD 68.00
Roses for a very long time have appreciated the honor of being the most prevalent blossoms on the planet. The explanation behind prominence of the rose blossom may be its wide mixture regarding shading, size, scent and different properties. When you combine roses with chocolates , then it becomes the deadly combination . 20 White roses in a vase with 1 kg Chocolate Cake and 16pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
Passionate Birthday Gift Buy Now

Passionate Birthday Gift

$ 176.00 / KWD 56.00
Bunch of 6 Red Roses with greens ,130 gms of Choco Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon